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Two Michigan Airports Plan to Grow Their Own Biofuel


According to some reports, a major amount of greenhouse gases is produced by airplanes. Airports in Michigan are planning to help solve this problem by growing biofuel-producing plants on the airport’s land. These crops will generate biofuel for planes and will also cut their carbon footprint.

The Willow Run and Detroit Metro airports have already adopted the idea of growing crops, both having an area of 1,700 acres. According to Biodiesel Magazine, airport owner Wayne County in collaboration with Michigan State University plan to plant canola and mustard seeds and use them as biofuel sources. The project is expected to run through February 2012 and has been funded with a $476,000 state grant.

The AgriEnergy Technology Demonstration project is supposed to generate around 300 gallons of fuel. The crops will be grown on only 3 acres of land at Detroit Metro airport. The amount is a “little” bit less than what the airport actually needs, some over 1 million-plus gallons of fuel per day.

If the project gives good results, a processing plant on or near the airport will be built, and it will be able to generate its own fuel to the airplanes.

[via Treehugger]

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