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Micro Hybrid ELF is Solar and Human Powered


ELF Micro Hybrid VelomobileCrowdsourcing is going green with a new KickStarter project, and ELF has reached over 75% of its starting goal so far. The ELF is a three-wheel, single passenger vehicle with enough power in its 750 W motors to carry up to 350 pounds.

This sounds like a great idea in areas where you might need to make a quick run to pick up groceries or other errands, without having to burn any gasoline.

Legally classified as a bicycle, the micro hybrid ELF has a canopy for protection from the elements, as well as lights, turn signals, and mirrors. The ELF three-wheeler is a human– and solar-powered hybrid.

The 60 W solar panel keeps the 480 W battery charged, and has a range of about 30 miles on battery power alone. Engage your feet on the pedals, and range increases substantially.

ELF is hoping to increase production and become available in all fifty states at a rate of 1,000 per month. The amount of carbon-dioxide you exhale is practically nothing when compared to that of a gasoline-powered vehicle.

This is especially encouraging if you consider that just going to get the mail or the groceries won’t even come close to the 350-pound cargo capacity. Solar– and human-powered transportation is practically the cleanest in existence, but is there enough demand for such a micro hybrid vehicle?

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