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Micro-Turbine Designed to Be Powered by Solar Thermal Energy


Israel-based HelioFocus Ltd and the Californian Capstone Turbine Corporation have announced an agreement to build a micro-turbine that will produce electricity from concentrated solar energy.

The system could be converted to use natural gas to supplement the solar energy in the absence of the Sun and provide a continuous stream of power. The new micro-turbines will be available in different power capacities, ranging from 30KW to 1MW, being able to operate on a number of different fuels, including kerosene, biofuel, natural gas and diesel. Capstone is also receiving $2.5 million from the DOE for the development of a “flex-fuel” micro-turbine that will operate on a variety of non-food crop wastes, including biomass wastes.

“The ability for solar projects to generate energy more efficiently and at night is the value proposition driving this joint product development effort between HelioFocus and Capstone,” said Darren Jamison, Capstone President and CEO. “Efficiency is extremely important in solar power systems as a means to reduce size, space, and ultimately drive down installation costs,” said Jamison.

The collaboration between the Israeli HelioFocus and the US based Capstone is another great example of the continuing mutual befits of these bi-national projects being a milestone in US-Israel cooperation in the clean energy field.

[Source: GreenProphet]

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