Mitsubishi Electric to Develop High-Output Solar Cells

mitsubishi-electric-solar-panels_VstON_69The company Mitsubishi Electric has developed ten new models of high-output solar cells: five for the European market and the rest for North America and Asia. The new solar panels have the outputs ranging of 210W, 220W, 225W, 230W and 235W. The photovoltaic (PV) modules delivered in Europe and North America/Asia will be called PV-TJ235GA6 and PV-UJ235GA6.

A power output of up to 235W per module will be achieved if the new cells are used in combination with an increased module size. It means thatonly a few modules are needed to build a system, helping reduce the total system cost. The solar cells have an increased number of bus bars from two to four, increasing individual cell output by 3% and reducing the internal resistance of each PV cell.

In addition to the use of four-bus-bar cells, the number of cells used in each module has increased from 50 to 60, this helps to increase module output power by up to 24% per module compared to the company’s 190W module, according to Mitsubishi Electric. The company claims that with their optimized frame design, the new modules can endure the force of approximately double that of the company’s previous models. These high-output PV modules will be on the market until January 15, 2010.

[Source: TechOn]


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  • WilliamN

    Mitsubishi needs to consider their pricing too if they wan to compete against China\’s affordable cells, they are <a href=\"\">building solar panels</a> that could compete against the grid.