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New Mobile Solar-Powered Generator Provides Clean Water, Too


Ecos_PowerCube_1-537x358What can you do with a box of the size of a shipping container, some high-power PV panels,  and some batteries? Apparently, you can do wonders, as Ecosphere Technologies demonstrates with their latest product, which is truly remarkable.

They took all of the above components and built them into an easy to transport, self-sustaining solar power generation station, that can also purify water, provide internet, and power external systems, like community buildings and even hospitals. Oh, did I mention that it also has a small easy to assemble wind turbine too, if not, yes, it has a wind turbine too. Here are the details.

“The world’s largest mobile solar-powered generator“, is how the makers, Ecosphere Technologies, describe the “Ecos PoweCube“. Essentially, it is a shipping container-sized box, which is equipped with solar panels that open up, once it is delivered to the desired location.  When unfolded, the size of the array becomes three-times the area covered by the container, boosting the power output incredibly. The energy goes to power an onboard water treatment system, and an internet transmitter, which sends a signal in a range up to 30 miles. Onboard batteries ensure that any excess energy is stored and does not go to waste. If you are curious to see how it works, this link will direct you to a small video demonstration.

Because the container is very mobile thanks to the specifically selected size ranges, 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot , it could be transported by any mean that moves containers around, this either being air, water, rail, etc. etc.. This makes it particularly useful in areas, where there is a strong need of an emergency energy supply, or in remote places, where connection to the grid is impossible.

The makers see many uses of their invention, from providing energy to temporary classrooms, to supplying essential life-saving power and clean water to emergency hospitals and shelters.  Clearly, this is yet another one of these incredible technologies that can save millions of lives. Well done to Ecosphere Thechnologies, they did it again.

Image(c) Ecosphere Technologies

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