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New Portable Wind Turbine Produces Electricity Anywhere And Is Operated By Just One Person


Designers have come up with a new portable wind turbine that is very easy to be transported and put into function by just one person. Dubbed the “Mobile Wind Turbine”, it includes a hybrid carrier that uses electricity harnessed from wind energy to run.

The wind turbine is also equipped with an electric traction motor that powers every wheel and in case its batteries are drained or need extra power, the diesel generator automatically kicks in.

The electricity produced from the wind turbine can be used for many applications like small businesses, powering schools, office parks, vertical drilling and military purposes.

The Mobile Wind Turbine has the possibility of being used for large scale portable power by installing more of them in a row. Larger, trailer-sized battery storage units could capture the extra energy provided by the generator.

[Source: Ecofriend]

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  1. I have an idea I would like to ask a few questions about—– concerns a wind tunnel and forced air thru it to turn blades to generate electricity. Please respond so I may ask you a few things. Thanks for your help.


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