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Luci, the MPOWERD Solar Lantern, to Help Energy-Starved Third World Nations


LuciMPOWERD, or Micro Power Design, has developed Luci a solar-powered light created to help the scores of people throughout the world who are either not on the grid or cannot afford to be.

Almost 50% of the globe’s population doesn’t have regular electricity and uses sources of lighting and heat that can be quite dangerous and expensive. Nightfall means something entirely different to this segment of the population: work, study, and play ends. Darkness becomes an inconvenience at best and a danger at worst.

Toxic fumes and dangerous flames from kerosene, oil lamps, or candles can be lethal and pose a significant risk to those using these alternative lighting sources.

To combat this issue, MPOWERD created Luci, a collapsible and waterproof lantern that can be hung on a wall or from a ceiling. Luci weighs 4.5 ounces and is powered by small solar panels connected to a lithium-ion battery. On an 8 hour charge, the light can generate enough electricity to light an entire room for up to 12 hours.

Luci has two brightness settings, and the 10 LED lanterns can be versatile – acting as task lighting, a flashlight, or diffuse room lighting.

MPOWERD has made it clear this light source isn’t just for third world countries and can be used as a camping light, kept in homes for use during power outages, or left in automobiles for use during emergencies.

MPOWERD is selling Luci on its website for an affordable $24.95.

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