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The Must-Have Solar Powered Cars of The Future


5Solar powered (electric) cars are the way to go. You don’t have to be an expert to see that, especially considering the increasing prices of oil and the huge taxes governments put on vehicles that produce emissions.

Car makers are really pushing themselves when it comes to making the next super cool design, especially with the Rally Dakar currently on air, making the demand for a cheap and ever-lasting power even greater. So, let’s have a look at what some of these slightly futuristic-looking designs are. Do not be too skeptical, they might be circling around your neighborhood sooner than you think.

remote_image_13246794251. Solar-powered Volvo

OK, this one is a bit less likely to pass in front of our house, unless we live in a desert-like place, but it does have a huge potential to transform completely the upcoming Dakar Rally’s. Although it is still a prototype, one cannot argue that the Solar Volvo does not look cool. It resembles the typical trucks currently seen on the off-road tracks of South America, but it is a hybrid, equipped with solar cells. Besides being used for racing, the makers promise that it will be perfect as a rescue vehicle or a mobile hospital.

22. Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta

This is still a concept. The designers made the Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta as a symbol of their long-lasting success in technological research and innovation in the car business.



33. Antro Solo

Now, this one is not only a gas-electric hybrid, but it is also made of the super light carbon fiber. The car weighs only 270kg, which boosts fuel efficiency incredibly. The 150 miles per gallon and a top speed of 87mph, the Antro Solo is truly one of a kind.


44. Enigma

The Enigma car project is a bio-electric hybrid. For now, the makers are aiming at developing it as an exclusive and unique car, which will be driven only by a limited few.  The owner of the vehicle will be able to experience the unique development of his car over time depending on the ownership situation, which is only possible thanks to the hand-crafted bronze used to make the model.


55. Lotus Eco Elise

Now, this could be something that everyone should be able to afford. The features that make the Lotus Eco Elise one of the most desired ‘green’ vehicles of the future include the use of sustainable materials, hi-tech water based paint, a green gear change display, and a weight reduction programme. The makers guarantee that each component of the car is carefully designed to reduce environmental impact.

66. Peugeot Shoo

This zero-emission Peugeot Shoo car, which has an electric engine completely powered by solar through the panels mounted on the roof, could well be the next best eco-friendly green gadget around. Its triangular shape not only ensures that all possible solar energy is taken up, but it also gives enough space on the road.

77. Koenigsegg Quant

The Koenigsegg Quant is a joint creation of the Swedish Koenigsegg and NLV Solar AG. Combining green tech, fast speed and beautiful design, this vehicle is seen as the most exciting super-car that the world is about to see.



88. Eve

The Eve eco-friendly concept is still a bit far from hitting the market, but the reason for this has nothing to do with the model itself. It actually is quite cool. Not only that the three-sitter is powered by solar, but also Eve has the unique ability to change the color of the polymer panels, depending on the flow of electricity created by the friction of tires. Why would anyone not want a chameleon car, really?!


99. Seat Brisa

Looking stylish and trendy, and being comfortable and super green, thanks to the photo-voltaic cells that supply energy to power the electric engine, make the sport car concept from Seat unbeatable. As it is made in Spain, the design is very Mediterranean and sleek, and as the name suggests, it really moves as smooth as the Mediterranean Breeze.

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