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Negative Emissions House Built by Studio Apxé

Beautiful Studio Apxé House Produces Zero Emissions
Beautiful Studio Apxé House Produces Zero Emissions

Reducing or eliminating emissions doesn’t have to be painful, expensive, or even ugly.

Of course, beauty or ugliness remains in the eye of the beholder, but this negative emissions house, built by Studio Apxé in Kladnica, Bulgaria, is a sight to behold. The project began with the idea to develop a sustainable one-story house on a green landscape, but it couldn’t look too conspicuous. The house itself is stunning, with beautiful wood and glass features, open space, vaulted ceilings, even a swimming pool.

Where things really get interesting is the cunning application of solar panels, biomass heating, and insulation and building techniques. The building is practically air-tight, eliminating energy-wasting drafts. Everything is insulated, from the columns to the glass. The glass itself is special, triple-pane glass with coatings that block out enough summer sun, so that it doesn’t turn the Studio Apxé house into a greenhouse in summer. In fact, it requires no air conditioning! The end result of all this is that the house uses less energy than it generates, a zero- or even negative-emissions house!

Another interesting feature of the Studio Apxé negative-emissions house is that it is only slightly more expensive to build. Taking a little under a year to build, at a cost of about $121/ft2 (square foot), this beautiful house is a great example of sustainable living. The average new home in the United States, not built to negative-emissions standards, is about $125/ft2.

Silvia Draganova, one of the project architects, said, “We believe that buildings in the future should be more comfortable, providing joy and healthy indoor environment to the residents. This can be achieved only through the most advanced international environmental standards.”

Image © Studio Apxé

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