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Neo Solar Power Builds New Solar Plant in Taiwan


Neo Solar Power Corporation, one of the leading solar cell makers has recently unveiled its new plant within The Southern Taiwan Science Park, according to The China Post.

The new factory is expected to have a 3.4 GW capacity, almost 1 GW more compared to the capacity produced by all Taiwanese manufacturers.

The chairman of the company, Mr Lin Kun claims that 620 MW-worth of solar cells will be produced and the capacity will reach 800 MW by the end of the year.

The plant will be built in three or four years and will create 1, 000 jobs in the beginning, with the prospect of increasing to 4,000 employees. Thus, with the new solar cell plant, Neo Solar Power has great chances of becoming one of the top three solar cell manufacturers in the world.

The plant was launched in the presence of top government officials as well as representatives of other solar cell manufacturers. Mr Vincent Siew, Vice-president of Neo Solar Power commented that “I made the decision to build STSP 20 years ago, back when I was still at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and each time I see a new company moving into it, I feel a sense of warmth and joy.”

Mr Huang Chung Chiou, deputy minister of economic affairs, was also there to point out the importance of biofuels and his support for a cleaner environment. Moreover, the head of the company, Mr Lin, is in favor of the idea that Taiwan and China can “complement one another in their common goal to develop and popularize solar energy”.

[Source: SteelGuru]

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