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New App Directs Drivers to The Nearest Alternative Fuel Station


Screen-shot-2013-11-12-at-11.57.35-AMFinding an alternative fueling station for your “green” vehicle is quite often very challenging. No wonder, the majority of car owners fear to trade their diesel vehicle for a gas-powered or electric one, simply because they are not sure whether they will be able to make it to their final destination, or a gas or electric station, before the battery runs out or the tank goes empty.

Now, a new smart phone application released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) provides all the information you need in order to find the closest alternative fueling station and spare you from all the worries.

The new app called Alternative Fueling Station Locator is available for free to anyone with a smartphone or a tablet. It allows drivers to browse, locate and navigate to the closest alternative fuel station, this being either biodiesel, compressed natural gas, hydrogen, propane, electricity, you name it.

The service was previously only available through the website of the Department of Energy and it was not extremely convenient for all these panicking and slightly disorganized drivers, who found themselves on the road with limited amount of fuel and absolutely no idea where to recharge.

Of course the app does not only save you in case of emergency. It contains a full list of more than 15,000 alternative fuel stations, which allows drivers to filter and narrow their searches to their exact needs, helping them plan their upcoming trip. Once the requirements have been set, one click is all that is required in order for the app to show you the closest to you 20 stations that mach your criteria in a 30 miles radius, and navigate you to them.

According to the developers, who made sure that the app is not available only to a specific brand of smartphones or tablets, the information is constantly updated, and users can contribute to this too. In addition, NREL allows anybody to embed the app on their own website, making it much more accessible.  The makers are certain that this technology will bring us one step closer to the much-desired sustainable transportation.

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