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Nissan Plans to Recycle Old EV Batteries to Wind Power Industry


To greenify their car-supported existence, Nissan has taken the decision to recycle all the old batteries from electric cars by giving them to wind farm developers – of course, at a low price.

With time, electric car batteries deteriorate and they need to be replaced. The interesting fact is that for a car battery to be considered “deteriorated” it’s enough that it only charges at 80 percent of its capacity. You know the saying: a man’s garbage is another man’s gold: 80% of a high voltage, high capacity battery is not to be thrown away.

Furthermore, if Renault-Nissan joins a battery sharing project, which supposes that all the batteries are only leased to the user, and the user exchanges them for charged ones at selected “gas” stations, they would have a bigger control over their batteries and their recycling.


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