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Nissan Leaf’s Bose Audio is Twice as Efficient

Nissan Leaf Bose Audio System - Twice the Sound, Half the Energy
Nissan Leaf Bose Audio System – Twice the Sound, Half the Energy

If there any any audiophiles among you, then you’re probably familiar with what it takes to ramp up the sound in a vehicle. Often, this involves ripping out all that stock pedestrian audio equipment and installing a high-end head unit, amplifiers, speaker boxes, and a bass box. Don’t forget ramping up the electrical system to power the whole deal, requiring huge capacitors or extra batteries, heavy cables, and possibly even an extra generator. Now imagine trying to put this system into an electric vehicle [EV] like the Nissan Leaf.

Well, it’s probably not that great of an idea in an electric vehicle, but does that mean that EVs are destined for mediocre sound? While the main objective is to make sure that there aren’t excessive loads on the battery pack in an EV, this doesn’t mean that a Nissan Leaf can’t sound great on the inside. In order to bring an extra level of great sound to the Nissan Leaf, Bose Audio has designed a new sound system for the premium SV and SL Nissan Leaf.

The new Bose Audio system includes six speakers, in the A-pillars and four doors, as well as an Acoustic Waveguide bassbox mounted in the cargo area. The new system excels in two key areas, energy and space, both of which come at a premium in the Nissan Leaf. The amplifier is about twice as efficient and runs at half the temperature of typical audio amplifiers, and the new system takes up no additional space in the cargo area.

Sure, a passing EV is probably the quietest thing that you’ll ever hear, but that doesn’t mean that the inside of the Nissan Leaf has to be. Nissan Leaf and Bose Audio, green on the outside, party on the inside.

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