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Non-Hybrid Cars Could Be Banned in UK by 2040


2040-jaguarHow would you react if someone now told you that soon your Ferrari, which is carefully parked in the garage, will not be allowed on the road because of the amount of emissions it releases?

If you live in the UK you might have to start considering this, as the Liberal Democrats proposed that only hybrids, electric cars and super-efficient diesels would be allowed on the British roads by 2040.

The idea is definitely a bit too far-fetched and probably not very thoroughly thought through, but it might also be the only way Britain can reach their “Zero Carbon” targets.

The Liberal Democrats are known for being too ambitious in their “green” economy goals, but often their ideas are not taken too seriously because the PMs seem to miss key points needed for the implementation of their bills.

For example, even if their plan to ban non-hybrid cars passes through the parliament,  the government should provide a very strong support in order to make sure that the industry does not suffer severely. A very possible scenario is that automakers withdrawing their products from the British market leaving customers demands unmet.

In any case, the idea will not be welcomed by everyone. The news will definitely not be considered good by the owners of the vintage cars, which will be presented this coming Sunday at the Beaulieu ‘Simply Classics’ event, but isn’t it about the right time we all sacrifice a little and put the environment before our personal pleasures?

Britain is known for their drastic measures in order to achieve their goals, a good example for which is the congestion charge in London, so we can only wait and see what the net governmental decision will be. It might just be that the Liberal Democrats have finally come up with a successful proposal, unlikely as this might sound.

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