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Novacell – The Fast Pocket-Sized Solar Powered Universal Charger


unichargerA California-based company called SunCore has developed a pocket-sized universal charger powered by solar energy. The new device, dubbed Novacell is an external charger that will power mobile devices via a USB connection. It is able to recharge the majority of Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), iPods, GPS units, digital still and video cameras and other gadgets.

The charger is based on SunCore’s intelligent battery system powered by solar energy and designed to put the mobile freedom of solar power into a consumer’s existing portable device now. When the Novacell charger is exposed to light, it start to pumping power to any attached device.

Under normal lighting conditions NovaCell moves from zero to fully charged in just 4 hours, being much faster in direct sunlight. Fully charged, it can recharge an iPod at least twice before it needs a charge from a wall outlet or light. But what happens if both the NovaCell and the consumer portable device are empty? Put it in light and instantly the solar-generated charge goes directly to the device.


[Source: SunCore]

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