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Organic Solar Cells Market to Skyrocket in 10 Years, Report Says


If you are about to invest in silicon-based photovoltaics, please stop for a moment and read this. IDTechEx, a market research company, has published a report saying that the organic (not silicon) photovoltaic market is about to hit a value of $630 million in ten years.

The growth will be stupendous: 1300% from today’s $4.6 million, and while it doesn’t matter that organic photovoltaic cells are not as efficient as their silicon counterparts, they are cheap to make and researchers come up with new and better formulas every day.

OPVs bring the following attributes to the market: (a) excellent form factor, (b) good performance under indoor lighting conditions, (c) low capital expenditure, and (d) potentially very low energy production costs using printable plastics. Based on these value propositions, OPVs will not only target existing markets, but will also enable new ones, which existing solutions may not have been able to address.”

So, in my opinion, now it’s time to invest in such a technology and generally in solar power. The Sun is about the only thing that’s only going to generate more and more electricity, as its presence will be more intensely felt in the following years, due to the global warming.

[via cleantechnica]


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