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Mobile Solar Unit – Portable, Rectractable Solar System Launched by OS


Japan-based OS Co. Ltd has revealed its latest invention in the field of solar panels. The company has developed a portable power generation system called “Mobile Solar Unit GSR-110B” that comes with a retractable solar panel.

According to the company, the unit is able to generate a total of 40W of clean electricity, 24W from a built-in battery and 16W from the solar sheet. It also has the possibility of being connected to another unit if the energy needs to be backed up.

Another interesting feature of this system is the roll-up mechanism that allows users to pull out and retract the solar panel from the main unit. Weighting about 3 kg, the Mobile Solar Unit is perfect for producing energy for a construction site, disaster camps, outdoor event and during events.

The new solar power unit is currently available only on the Japanese market, at a price of around $725. Here is a short video that shows you how this system works:

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