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Q: Panasonic’s New Spherical Fan Revolutionizes Low-Power Cooling


panasonic-spherical-circulatorWhen talking about cooling a room, people always think of air conditioners. Panasonic has recently unveiled its plans to produce an efficient spherical air blower that ejects seven times the wind it absorbs.

Well, that may sound like wishful thinking, but Panasonic’s spherical air blower actually uses smart physics to do that. They called it “Q.”

It has a diameter of 25cm and can cool your room more efficiently, without being annoying. The “Q” spherical air blower has a “1/f” function that fluctuates wind power to send a natural breeze.

The turbofan increases the air pressure sent by the Q, because the air that is ejected produces a stir around the fan, which recirculates it, acting like a car’s turbo, and hence increasing the amount of blown air to about 7 times the intake amount.

Just like any invention or innovation that first hits the market, the Q spherical air blower has a peppery price: $336. This is to support the innovation in its early stages, even if we’re talking about Panasonic.

Air conditioning has historically been power hungry. Q’s consumption of 2.5 to 18.5 watts isn’t going to change all that, but it sure will reduce power consumption associated with cooling.

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