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EnduraLED from Philips Lasts for 25,000 Hours and Saves You Money


Incandescent light bulbs are fading away as their younger LED brothers come to the market and get cheaper by the day. A new innovation from Philips, called EnduraLED, can provide as much light as a 60W incandescent bulb, but in the meanwhile consuming only 12 W from the wall socket, thus extending its applications in the mobile lighting / solar powered territory.

EnduraLED uses an ultra-efficient blue LED array and a phosphor film placed very close to it. The film’s light color is yellow, and the combination renders… 806 lumens of white light (not green, as you would expect). The lighting source would last for 25,000 hours but the price is a little too high for the moment: $60.

Still, even at this high price, Philips says its EnduraLED saves the user about $120, because of its long lifespan, which is 25 times the one of an incandescent bulb. This green gadget would surely find applications in places like street lighting or hardly-accessible areas.

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