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Potable Water Tank Mixer Eliminates Stagnation Utilizing Solar Power


solarbee_1_UwGMi_69A company called SolarBee has created a potable-water tank mixer, designed to eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation in potable water. The new device called SolarBee SB400, could provide up to 40% first-cost savings over other mixers being ideal for smaller towns requiring only one tank or for multiple tanks in larger municipalities, the SB400 mixer is certified by NSF against potable water contamination.

The solar-powered floating mixer operates day and night by capturing solar energy during the day and storing it in on-board battery packs to power the system after sunset. The SB400 mixer creates a near-laminar flow that keeps the tank de-stratified, provides uniform water age, and allows accurate management of residual chlorine or chloramine levels to reduce nitrification.

The new device is available with the portable SolarBee Chlorine Boost System being equipped with chemical injection capability. Thanks to SB400, the tank operators can “boost” chloraminated and chlorinated water tanks with sodium hypochlorite to keep residual levels optimal.

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