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Power Cut? No Probem, Solar Powered Kit from WakaWaka Comes to Your Rescue


8de7d9fb605cd6bf8c3844e9c4d988bf_largeDo you think you need an emergency kit that can give you the much needed light and power during a power cut? If you think ‘yes’, then do not hesitate and check out the latest from the gurus in solar power gadgets invention, the WakaWaka Power company.

Extreme weather events are predicted to increase in frequency and severity. Governments and environmental agencies issue continuous warnings and urge everyone to have their disaster preparedness kit handy in case the unexpected happens. It is often, however, that regardless of how ready we are for an emergency, there is just so much we can pack and prepare. Once the resources are out, there is nothing more we can do.

This is where renewable energy sources come in. An emergency power kit could take you a long way, and who would know better than the guys from WakaWaka Power. For those of you, who cannot remember quite well why the name sounds so familiar, these are the same people, who invented the solar LED lamps that brought the ever-so-needed light to thousands of families in Haiti.

Now, the guys are making a huge come back, this time going bigger and better. They compiled a whole emergency kit that comprises of a few but very essential gadgets, all a product of the company. Firstly, there is the WakaWaka Base, which is essentially a battery pack that comes in two sizes and can be charged with a portable solar panel, which also comes in two sizes. The kit also contains two small LED lamps, one already attached to the base, and one with a rechargeable battery. All this comes in a very compact size, which makes it super easy to transport.

In true ‘WakaWaka’ fashion, the kit is currently on Kickstarter, gathering backers (see promo video here).  The goal was already reached and bypassed within a few hours from the launch, but this definitely does not mean that people should not make use of the offer that is up for another 29 days. Unfortunately, the most complete “Early bird” sets are all gone, but there are still plenty of options that can be picked.

Good luck to the guys. It looks like this will be yet another super successful Kickstarter Project.

Image (c) WakaWaka

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