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Progress Eagle, a Triple-Decker Solar-Powered Airplane Concept


AWWA-QG-Progress-Eagle concept plane by Oscar VinalsWith an ultimate aim of reducing the environmental impact of air travel, the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle Quantum airplane, an airplane concept, was designed with zero carbon emissions.

‘Progress Eagle’ was designed by a Barcelona-based Spanish designer, Oscar Vinals, as his second concept. Last year, he released his design of AWWA Sky Whale, an airplane concept which features a wingspan of 88m and can run on both electricity and fuel with an astounding 755 seating capacity.

Vinals has outdone himself by featuring ‘Progress Eagle’ with a seating capacity of 800! (The largest plane today, can handle a little more than 500 passengers). Instead of using traditional engines which use fossil fuels, the plane would depend on 6 hydrogen-fuelled engines to lift it off the ground. The roof and wings of the aircraft would be equipped with solar panels. An additional main engine, which is completely electric, would also be incorporated for generating thrust during take-off and to produce electricity with the help of solar panels. The design also features a wind turbine, which would be used to generate additional electricity for the plane.

“The best aspect of the Progress Eagle would be its capacity to generate its own energy,” says Vinals.

The plane would be noiseless, producing limited to no emissions. It would also have a new passenger class in the front of the plane. The cockpit would be located on the second deck of the aircraft. The spacious plane would even have the possibility of having private rooms, shops and restaurants with scenic views. “Twelve hours in an airplane could feel more like a select hotel,” says Vinals. “It would reduce the stress of a long flight.”

“Quantum solar cells, nanowires to kinetic power, micro radio wave harvesters — these technologies only exist in a limited scale at the best laboratories around the world. But in a few years, we could overcome our limits and build anything imaginable,” states Vinals’ project page.

While we have only 40% of technology required to implement ‘Progress Eagle’ today, Vinals envisions that it would be implemented by 2030.

Watch the concept video of AWWA-QG ‘Progress Eagle’ Quantum Airplane, which was published at his YouTube account, below.


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