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Puerto Rico to Generate Electricity From Their First Algae-Based Biofuel Plant


Puerto Rico may soon have a plant that will generate clean fuel from tropical marine micro-algae. The algae-based biofuel plant will be built in northern Puerto Rico by the Bio-Lipidos company and state-owned utility AEE.

According to Miguel Cordero, AEE’s executive director, about $10 million will be invested to get the plant into operation.”The goal is to produce fuel to generate electricity in Puerto Rico. We have the knowledge and the technicians, but the will to do it was lacking,” said Cordero. He also added that the plant will cover an area of about 8-million-square-meters.

Company officials said they wanted to produce more than 1.6 million gallons of vegetable oil, in the first year of operation and what remains on the outside, the dry bodies of the micro-algae, will be used as animal feed as part of a project to farm shrimp and organic tilapia.

Rosa Hilda Ramos, the community leader, after a lengthy study of this project, realized it is the best solution for producing electricity in Puerto Rico. “The money raised will stay here. It will create 40,000 jobs. This oil is wonderful,” she said.

The bio-degradable fuel produced from marine micro-algae is clean and non-toxic, having an energy content similar to that of diesel.

[Source: EcoSeed]

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