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Ultra-Efficient Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Screens Developed by LG and MIT Spinoff


Just about the time when I thought buying a TV with an OLED screen is fancy and green, here’s another news that intrigued me: Quantum-dot LED screens are actually greener and offer higher image quality than OLEDS, and they are to be produced by several manufacturers from the US, South Korea and Belgium.

Everything is based on an invention from the MIT, whose spin-off QD Vision made a venture with LG Display and Solvay, a Belgium-based chemical company. Their aim is to manufacture quantum dot matrix QLED displays.

The most interesting advantage of QLED displays, aside from offering a brighter and crisper color, is that it transforms electrons into photons in a much more efficient manner and generates a pure color.

Moreover, the quantum dots can be manufactured using a simple inkjet printing technology, which translates into lower costs.

Still, there are issues with the QLED technology that don’t make it a true competitor to LCDs and OLEDs yet, but the following years may bring it to the market with a tremendous success, imho.

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