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RavenSkin: Letting The Sun's Heat Pass When Cold And Blocking It When Hot (Outside)


We would all like to have our houses heated during the winter and cooled during summer. This can’t be done by using regular bricks, and sometimes a tree might just do its job properly, but what about those places where you can’t really plant a tree and you live at the 20th floor? This is where RavenBrick‘s Skin wall systems come into play.

They specially-designed walls to withstand summer sunlight and absorb the little (but precious) winter heat. Basically, they consist of an outside layer of glass that can become either transparent or reflective, by using a proprietary nano-designed thermoreflective filter. It responds to the outside temperature, so you don’t even have to control it from the inside.

Following an air gap between the filter, there is a sheet of glass, acting as an infrared barrier, reflecting the light and heat back and forth until a certain threshold is reached, after which the light enters a black body that converts it into infrared light by heating.

A phase-change material stores heat and regulates the temperature, after which comes your beloved wall paint.

Everything is sandwiched so to delay the heat of the afternoon until late at night. If you home is properly insulated and your windows do their job, you won’t even need much heating in winter or much cooling during the summer.


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