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Renewable Sources Could Provide 50% of UK Electricity


Screen_Shot_2012-12-10_at_9.39.26_PM.png.492x0_q85_crop-smartThe British government is exploring various sources for electricity purchases. Cabinet office minister, Francis Maude is first to make a statement, claiming that ‘Energy for Growth’ will make use of the fact that the government is the biggest energy customer and will shape the market for the benefit of everyone.

The UK takes part in a global race and they are in a desperate need to find investors for their energy industry. This will not only create jobs, but also it will allow further technological development and it will ensure there is sufficient amount of clean and diverse energy supplies for the future.

Initially, the plan is to invest in non-intermittent sources of energy, including biomass or waste-to-energy. As the scheme develops, more and more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, will be introduced. These purchases could increase up to 50% of the Government Procurement Service (GPS), who initially offered to shift 2% of their annual electricity purchases to lower carbon energy sources.

The energy output from renewable energy in the UK has increased with 42% only in the last year. This figure is high enough to attract long term investors in clean power sources.

Although the 50% electricity purchase from renewables sounds tempting enough, it is still important to note that the other 50% will come from other sources.

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