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Rohm Shows Highest-Energy-Density Prototype Power Module


Rohm 600V 3-Phase SiC Power ModuleThe CEATEC show in Japan this past week, October 2 through October 6, gave developers and researchers the chance to show off their latest electronics advancements. Rohm Semiconductors recently unveiled a new high-density power cell made up of a newly developed capacitor.

Prototyped for automobile use in 2010, the new module was developed using entirely Silicon-Carbide [SiC] components, which increases its heat resistance.

It was tested as high as 225°C [437°F] with only a 10% loss in capacity, which makes it an ideal candidate for use in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles [EV & HEV]. Typical ceramic capacitors lose about 50% under the same conditions.

Made up of six individual SiC capacitor / SiC MOSFET transistor modules, the new power module is able to power a 60kW three-phase alternating-current electric motor.

The new power module has been tested as high as 350V and 575A at 20kHz. The new power module is about 50% smaller than previous versions of the same power output, raising the energy-density to as high as 145kW/kg.

The reduced size and increased capacity can put more power into a smaller package, increasing space in EVs or simply reducing weight, which increases EV range and power. The new design also doesn’t require any more cooling than forced air, eliminating the need for heavy and complicated water-cooled systems, further increasing

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