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Samsung Has What’s Next for EV Batteries


Samsung SDI shows off numerous electric vehicle battery improvements.Did you know Samsung had its own business unit dedicated to batteries? Samsung SDI previewed a prototype design at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit recently.

The prototype, a Samsung electric vehicle battery, was designed to improve the driving range of future electric vehicle, as well as reducing harmful impact during production.

The high-density unit is said to enable vehicles to travel 600 kilometres on a single charge, which is a 20 percent increase over other energy cells used today. Samsung expects to commence production of these batteries within the next four years.

This development addresses one of the biggest concerns amongst electric vehicle drivers: the distance concern. Vehicle charging stations are beginning to become more common, but there are fewer available when compared to conventional gas stations. A combined outlook of little infrastructure and low driving distance may make it difficult for some to invest in an electric vehicle.

As the automotive industry is showing to be a viable exploration route for technology companies like Samsung that are not seeing results in other divisions, further development in new technology like batteries is a good way to diversify their business operations.

In addition to the prototype Samsung electric vehicle battery, Samsung also showed off “Low Height Packs” for electric vehicles, which allow the size of the battery to be reduced by up to 30 percent. This makes it easier to install battery packs and reduce production costs.

Samsung also showcased a low voltage system developed for electric vehicles, aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing ecological impact. The system is claimed to work not only in electric vehicles, but fossil fuel-using cars as well, improving fuel savings by using lithium-ion batteries instead of the traditional lead-acid.

These three developments show what improvements can be made to accelerate electric vehicle use globally. Batteries are one of the most expensive parts of a car, but the Samsung electric vehicle battery research will likely play a role in reducing consumer worries about electric vehicles, and their range.

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