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Samsung and LG Manufacture the Greenest TVs


LG Flat-Panel Television - GreenNo, we’re not talking about RGB balance, but in terms of efficiency, Samsung and LG’s flat-panel televisions are the most energy efficient available. Producing light and sound on high-definition flat-panel displays is energy intensive.

Add in anti-ghosting and 3D technologies, and the power draw just goes up. Finally, even when modern televisions are “OFF” or in “Standby,” they continue to draw a little bit of energy.

The Energy Star directive was a good start by the US Government to encourage development and deployment of energy-efficient products. Now, the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment [SEAD] initiative, administered by the UN, is encouraging companies to develop and manufacture more energy-efficient technology.

The Global Efficiency Medal competition for flat-panel televisions had many contenders, but was finally taken by Samsung and LG in different categories. Under 42” screen-size, three Samsung models were at least 33% more efficient than the competition, using only 44 Watts [W] at the 40” size including the UN26EH4000F, UE40EH5000W, and UN40EH5000F. Over 42” screen size, the LG 47LM670S, a 47” set, only draws 43 W, pretty impressive to light up the additional real-estate.

The most efficient large-screen television, a 47” LED LCD LG prototype television, expected to be released in the next couple years, is 59% more efficient than anything with similar technology. “We have seen drastic improvements in TV energy efficiency over the last years, but the winning manufacturers demonstrate that the potential for improvement remains large.” Peter Bennich, Swedish Energy Agency.

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