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Samsung Unveils LCD Monitor That Powers Itself Solely From Your PC's USB


I like to call “truly green gadgets” those devices that really show off a dramatic improvement in the quantity of energy they consume. Stuff like monitors, for example, can have a tremendous effect on the worldwide energetic consumption. The smaller ones, even if helpful, are not sufficiently efficient to be mentioned as big climate-changers.Samsung, for example, has unveiled a 18.5-inch LCD display that consumes only 6.3W. The announcement, made at SID 2010, has been accompanied by a demonstration in which such a display was powered only via a USB 2.0 cable from the PC it was linked to! “We are planning to start volume production of the LCD display for desktop PCs in 2011,” a Samsung representative said.

To achieve such a performance, Samsung improved the transmittance of the panel (up to 7%) and the luminance efficiency of the backlight. The technologies used in improving these two have not been revealed yet.

The pixel count, luminance and contrast ratio of the new LCD display are 1,366 x 768, 250cd/m2 and 1,000:1, respectively.

The backlight has LEDs as the only light source. The LEDs used are more efficient than those used in existing LCDs, but only have a 30,000 hours lifetime, which is almost half the time the other monitors offer.

Anyway, powering a monitor only from the USB port is something worth noting and pursuing. That limited life of the LEDs could be fixed with further investment and research into the technology used. If only the case had been made out of rice or an organic material…

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  1. Samsung has really propelled itself as being innovative in the LCD market. I remember the old days when CRT monitors sucked up power like none other (and weighed a ton!). 6.3 W is nothing compared to the old standards. Consumer electronic products are slowly, yet aggressively, helping our ipod blaring, laptop surfing, high tech generation feel a little less guilty by addressing the demand aspect of the whole energy security aspect. Efficiency should be the top priority for these electronic giants. Samsung has not only adhered to this, but has also offered a quality product. Welcome to the future of electronic standards!

    -Consumer Energy Alliance
    “A balanced approach toward America’s energy future.”


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