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Sanya Skypump – New Electric Vehicle Charger Uses Wind and Solar Power


Everyday, researchers are trying to find new ways to improve the existing electric vehicle charging stations. Probably in the future, parking your electric car in public parking lots could be a lot more productive.

A new EV charging station has recently been developed by Urban Green Energy and GE Energy Industrial Solutions. Dubbed Skypump, this amazing system uses a vertical axis wind turbine and a 150-watt solar panel to produce electricity by capturing wind and solar energy at the same time.

The Sanya Skypump is a combination between UGE’s solar-powered Sanya Streetlamp and the GE WattStation. Thank to its slim design, this contraption has the possibility to be installed in parking lots or along roads, making EV charging accessible and easy.

Many parking lots are currently using solar-powered Sanya Streetlamps, so the Skypump will fit in perfectly. Due to GE Wattstation’s advanced technology, an average electric vehicle could be fully charged in just eight hours.

[via Inhabitat]

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