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Scottish Offshore Wind Turbines to Feature Helicopter Landing Pad


Scotland will soon become the first country in the world that will have a two-blade wind turbine that features a helicopter landing pad.

According to Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing, the government has approved the construction of the innovative 6 MW wind turbine at the eastern coast of Scotland (Fife Energy Park in Methil).

Scotland’s main goal is to generate 100 percent of the country’s power from renewables. The idea of a two-blade design is part of a test to develop new offshore solutions.

2-B Energy is the company behind this project, having worked on this design for several years.

“Innovative companies deciding to test their new ideas in Scotland is further evidence of our reputation as a place to develop and deploy all forms of new green energy technologies. We are working to create the optimum conditions for low-carbon investment to ensure we remain well-placed to become an international hub for low-carbon expertise and a green energy powerhouse for Europe,” said Fergus Ewing.

[via Inhabitat]

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