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Could We See a Samsung Electric Vehicle in the Future?

Samsung Electric Vehicles?
Samsung Electric Vehicles?

Samsung, isn’t that the electronics company that makes those great smartphones and laptops? Yes, but Samsung is a huge company, and electric vehicles just might be in their future.

This wouldn’t be the first time in the automotive sector for the electronics giant, who sold a fledgling automobile division to Renault in 1997, of which Samsung still holds a 20% stake. Additionally, Samsung is also in the lithium-ion battery business, and makes the battery packs for the BMW i3 and the Fiat 500e. Still, might the tech giant be looking to make its own electric vehicles in the future?

Samsung hasn’t said anything, but the patents they took out seem to indicate an electric vehicle future. The new patents include proprietary designs for tires, electric motors, and “onboard electronics for information sharing between the car and driver,” according to The Wall Street Journal. Again, whether this will turn into a new product line for Samsung is anyone’s guess, but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

If you think about it, modern automobiles, not just electric vehicles, are basically rolling computer networks. Vehicle electronification actually started in the 1970’s when the first computer chips started to control ignition timing. Now, there are practically no pure electrical systems left, as everything is computer-controlled, including engine valve and ignition timing, emissions controls, and safety systems. That’s not all, however, as even power windows and locks, and the vehicle information and entertainment system, have all switched over to computer networking.

For Samsung, or any other tech company, moving from electronics to electric vehicles actually is not that much of a jump! Besides, we could use another successful startup, because it must be lonely for Tesla Motors.


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