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World's First See-Through Glass SolarWindow Capable to Generate Electricity


After major scientific and technical breakthroughs, researchers at New Energy Technologies successfully developed world’s first-of-its-kind see-through glass SolarWindow that is able to produce electricity.

Measuring less than ¼ the size of a grain of rice, the see-through glass could be coated with SolarWindow’s coatings at room temperatures using commercially available technologies.

Due to the various expensive processes which block visibility and prevent light from passing through glass surfaces, the solar panels have remained opaque. But now, thanks to Dr. Xiaomei Jiang at the University of South Florida, the technology has become possible by making use of the world’s smallest working organic solar cells. The new solar cells could produce energy from both artificial and natural light sources.

“I’s very exciting to see that our ongoing research has led to several significant breakthroughs with transparency and the production of electricity on see-thru glass. For the first time ever, these advances have allowed us to develop an early-scale working prototype of the technology, which I very much look forward to unveiling in the upcoming weeks.” said Mr. Meetesh V. Patel, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.

[Source: Ecofriend/GreenDiary]

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