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Copper Mountain Solar 2: 150 MW Solar Power Plant To Be Built in South Nevada


California-based Sempra Generation has succeeded completing the construction of the United States’ largest photovoltaic power plant in Boulder City, CO. Now the same company wants to build the second solar energy plant in South Nevada, much bigger than the first one.

The 150-megawatt solar power plant will spread over a large area of 1100 acres and will be located in the El Dorado Valley of Boulder city. The new project, called Copper Mountain Solar 2, will be able to generate nearly three times as much electricity than its predecessor, Copper Mountain Solar 1, which was opened in 2010.

According to Sempra, Copper Mountain Solar 2 is expected to generate enough energy to power 45,000 homes. However, the construction will start by 2012 and will be ready by 2015.

The new solar plant will produce clean energy as early as January 2013. The energy will be delivered to California as part of a 25-year agreement between Sempra Generation and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

“They have an intense concentration of solar development and the potential for more future development. Few areas in the country have as much solar as they will,” said Sempra spokesman Scott Crider.

[via Ecofriend/Las Vegas Sun]

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