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Sharp Breaks New Record With Its Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells


There’s a race between scientists and laboratories around the world with the purpose of developing the most efficient solar cell. In this race, Sharp has done it again. In a few consecutive rows, the Japanese company has broken record after record. Now it has reached a 42.1 percent efficiency from its concentrated photovoltaic cells.

Sharp has worked closely with the University of Tokyo, and aims breaking the record again with 45% by 2015 and even to reach 50% by 2025. The company says that at 45% the cost of solar will finally reach that of nuclear and thermal power plants.

Seeing all the development going on lately in the field of solar power, my opinion is that there will be somebody who will develop the 45% sooner than 2015, which is good, because at that point everyone will know that it’s worth having solar cells in their backyard or on their roofs.

The previous record has been set by Spectrolab’s 41.6%, with a triple junction solar cell. Sharp now intends to commercialize the new cells as soon as possible.

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