Sharp's 300mW Ultrathin Solar Panel Designed for Greener Gadgets

lr0gc02Solar powered cell phones are more and more looked for in the past few months. Many cell phone manufacturers release solar powered versions of their gadgets. Reacting on this (or anticipating a bubble), Sharp made solar cells specially designed for use in cell phones.

Their 67.5 x 41.0 x 0.8mm solar panel (as you can see, it’s very thin – not even a milimeter thick) has an output power of 300mW, with a voltage of 4.5V, and an efficiency of 13%. This figure was obtained by a normal measuring method, which is conducted by irradiating white light with an emission spectrum equivalent to AM1.5G at an intensity of 1,000W/m2±50mW, using modules with a temperature of 25°C. Sharp gave the cell a natural name: LR0GC02. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

This kind of solar cell could be used to power various gadgets, including laptops, PDAs and others. I can hardly wait the day when all these power converters will be so transparent that you’ll have them included as a standard option in your LCD screen, let’s say.


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