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Sharp Releases 450mW Solar Cell Module for Cellphones


sharp-solar-module-for-mobile-phones_qfmUr_69Sharp Corp. has announced the development of an improved solar cell module for cellphones at Green Device 2009, a trade show that will be open to the public from Oct 28 to 30, 2009, at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama City, Japan.

The company said that the new solar cell module measures just 65.5 x 41 x 0.8mm, compared to the previous model (67.5 x 41 x 0.8mm). The module is capable of generating 450 mW of energy, being a great improvement from the 300 mW the Sharp’s previous module was able to output. According to the company, the module will be available on market within one year.

“We have to enhance the performance of our solar cells along with the model changes of mobile phones,” the company said. Also, Sharp enhanced the conversion efficiency of the cell and improved the modularization process though it did not disclose the manufacturing processes or detailed specifications.

The new module will have a black surface, and no electrode can be seen on it. So, probably the module is to be equipped with back-contact cells, having electrodes only on the back side. The reason why these are on the back side is that the monocrystalline silicon is used to expand the lifetime of a device mounted with the cells.

[Source: TechOn]

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