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Siemens Developed World’s Biggest And Lightest Offshore Wind Turbine


Siemens presented their latest offshore wind turbine model, which is the biggest one ever made. It produces 6MW of power, which is about 25,000 times more than their original mode. It is equipped with 75 meter turbine blades and has the world’s biggest rotor with a diameter of 154 meters. Each turbine has the capacity to power 6,000 households, producing 25 million kilowatt hours of energy.

The new development is produced specifically for use at sea, which means it has to be lighter, more robust, and a lot more reliable. This is the reason why Siemens improved the main shaft, gearbox and high-speed generator, fitting their branded Direct Drive system.

This system not only uses low speed generator directly connected to the low speed shaft, but also frees up space within the turbine’s main body housing (a.k.a. nacelle). Implementing Direct Drive made the new turbine STW-6.0-154 the lightest one ever made, with a 200 ton nacelle and 350 ton total masthead weight.

Henrik Stiesdal, CTO of the Wind Power Division within the Siemens Energy Sector, is proud to state that the turbine is not only light and robust, but it also delivers more energy and promises higher profitability.

The IntegralBlade Technology is what makes the turbine lighter. For maximum power generation, the turbine can use the 154 meter rotor, while for areas near airports and flight paths, it can rely on a shorter 120 meters one.

Denmark was the first to install the new technology. In July, the national energy giant- DONG announced that they have placed an order of 300 additional turbines of this type with the intention to install them on the coast of the UK. The British have already invested more than £75 billion, hoping that they will achieve their target of 25% of their energy consumption to be derived from the wind by 2020.

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