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Siemens to Unveil Wind Turbine Innovations at Upcoming Trade Fair


Offshore TurbinesAt the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Offshore Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Siemens Energy will be discussing plans to lower the costs of offshore wind power in the coming years by upping output, reducing weight, and improving the production and installation processes of wind power installation.

At the EWEA, taking place November 19-21, Siemens will be introducing its new range of 4MW and 6 MW wind turbines. The company will also outline its strategies for improving production and installation.

Siemens’ aim is to lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for offshore wind power by up to 40% by 2020. The company has already begun many innovations, like the nacelle and rotor of the SWT-6.0-154 6 MW wind turbine that will be highlighted at EWEA. The SWT-6.0-154 6 MW wind turbine is a third lighter than those of competitors, thanks to its direct-drive technology, which makes a gearbox obsolete.

Siemens’ 4 MW offshore models also demonstrate marked improvements and include upgraded generators and aeroelastic rotor blades. The blades, designed to be flexible under high stress situations, are produced with up to 20% reduced mass compared to traditional blades.

Siemens Wind Power CTO Henrik Stiesdal has stated that the positive impacts such as energy supply stability and domestic job market growth are all critical to moving forward in pursuit of alternative energy and must not be overlooked.

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