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SiGNa mobile H2: Water-Fueled Battery Recharges Your Gadgets Cheaply and Cleanly


SiGNa Chemistry Inc has created a kind of a battery that can be recharged with water. At first sight, there’s something fishy with their mobile-H2 in the sense that it only needs water to operate and that’s all. Ok, let’s see some in-depth details of it.

The mobile-H2 works with any type of water, from the cleanest to the dirtiest. Now this is possible because only hydrogen is extracted from it, by a currently undisclosed chemical reaction. Still, as Physorg reports, details of the reaction had been given away in the past by the company.

All of the information that SiGNa reveals for now is that the mobile-H2 contains sodium and sodium silicide (NaSi). Old-school chemistry classes may have taught you that sodium’s reaction with water is violent and extracts hydrogen, but SiGNa has dealt with the reaction to make it milder and more controllable.

The hydrogen is then fed to a small fuel cell, which recombines it with oxygen and generates usable electricity (1 to 3 watts).

Older documents released by the company reveal that they had been working on absorbing sodium into silica by coating a form of ordinary silica gen (the one you find in new shoes, absorbs water and smells) with a sodium-potassium alloy. The resulted black powder would had been thermally treated to give it stability.

One way or the other, the mobile-H2 is a totally portable source of power and all of the elements inside are obtained cleanly, according to their press release: “SiGNa’s sodium silicide (NaSi) is produced with zero waste. All raw materials are generated from renewable starting materials, sodium from sodium chloride (salt) and silicon powder from silicon dioxide (sand).”

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