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Efficiency Record for Silicon Ink Solar Cells Broken by Innovalight


In their struggle to get the maximum efficiency out of a solar cell with the lowest price possible, Innovalight, a venture solar cell company announced a new record of efficiency or their silicon ink solar cells: 19 percent.

The Fraunhofer Institute from Germany, as an independent tester, certified Innovalight’s technology as valid and the efficiency number as real.

Innovalight has a proprietary platform, named Cougar, which can adapt existing solar cell manufacturing processes that companies now own, to their cheaper silicon ink solar cells production line. There is only one step that needs to be added to current manufacturing lines, with – they say – huge profits.

“We continue to push toward our goal of delivering over 20 percent conversion efficiency to our customers,” said Homer Antoniadis, chief technology officer at Innovalight. “Our patented solar cell process with silicon ink is simple and optimized for use with silicon wafers and widely adopted industry printing tools,” he added.

Working with several solar cell manufacturing companies, Innovalight is opening a new silicon ink solar cells production facility in Sunnyvale, CA. They are now solar cells producers themselves, but rather license other companies to use their technology.

The silicon ink solar cell technology allows silicon ink to be printed on solar cells using thinner substrates and fewer materials compared with traditional solar cells.

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