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'Smart Grid' Pilot Project to be Launched by Mitsubishi


The Japanese giant company, Mitsubishi Electric, recently launched a “smart grid” pilot project that according to the company will be able to boost the stability of the electricity supplied from weather-dependent sources such as wind and solar power.

Mitsubishi claims it would invest $76 million by March 2012 in facilities in its domestic production centers to test how to stabilize power from fluctuating renewable energy sources. “The project will contribute to the company’s efforts to support the adoption of sustainable power supplies worldwide,” said the company.

Mitsubishi Electric also said it aims to market smart grid products and systems soon in Europe, India, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and North America. Smart grids are seen as key systems for both emerging and advanced nations to reduce or even cut their carbon emissions by improving renewable electricity systems’ reliability, efficiency and security.

The Japanese giant said that it would build experimental facilities at its three Japanese production sites, which would be remotely monitored and connected by a wide-area communication network. These would include an electric vehicle charging station, a large rechargeable battery for transmission, a power system simulator and panels to collect solar energy.

[Source: Physorg]

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