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“Sol” Solar Powered Laptop Charges in 2h and Runs for 10


sol-laptop-590x330A solar powered laptop operating for nearly 10 hours after only 2 hours of charging is the latest technology from the Canadian company WeWi. The must-have gadget, called Sol is a Ubuntu-powered laptop equipped with unfolding solar panels and a chip instead of the ARM processor.

The revolutionary laptop has all the features that anyone would need, but everything is adjusted to support longer battery life. Besides the 13.3-inch panel and the chip, which is 10-Watt Intel Atom D2500 processor, Sol is fitted with a 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, amultimode LTE, a 3-megapixel webcam, three USB 2.ports, 10/100 Ethernet, a media card reader, and an HDMI output.

Pretty impressive for such technology already! When reading about it, it sounded as if it will cost a fortune. Especially when the makers pointed out that the solar powered laptop can also handle abuse, as it is built from reinforced materials following a complex military industrial design.

And now, the info that everyone is waiting for- the price! Just $350! What is more, if you are willing to pay an extra $50, then the gadget you will get is submersible.

It sounds like a very good deal for a fully functioning laptop fitted with solar panels, LTE, a 13.3 inch display and a super 45 Watt hour battery, that is fully charged in 2 hours.

Even the solar netbook from Samsung is not as good!

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