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13kW Solar Concentrators for Heating Water at Home Produced by Canadian Firm


Do you remember Eric Jacqmain, who built his “Death Ray,” a solar concentrator that was able to melt everything that stood in its path? Well, Solar Beam, a Canadian company now produces solar concentrators, based on the same principle Eric used, but aimed at heating your home and providing hot water… for free.

The company says that their Solar Concentrator could produce up to 13 kW of heat per hour, far exceeding the needs of a normal home. The 15 foot parabolic dish focuses the sunlight onto a 10×10 inches aluminum heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to a glycol fluid (something resembling an anti-freeze liquid), which enters your home for whatever needs you may have.

A 2-axis controller tracks the sun and increases the efficiency of the concentrator. Its relatively small size makes it perfect for small applications like heating a household where rooftop mounting is not possible.

Solar Beam says you’ll recoup your investment far more quickly than you would if you bought a flat panel solar water heater. They state that “The SolarBeam is 262% more efficient that hot water panels and 98% more efficient than evacuated tube technology.”

[via ecogeek]

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