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Solar Cube: Saving Lives With Solar and Wind Power


What can you buy for $38,000? Two second-hand Priuses? No. A smaller airplane? Neither. I’ll tell you what you can have for that money: a solar powered desalination device.

It’s been called the Solar Cube (aka Spectra Solar Brackish Water System), and it’s the latest innovation in green technology and water desalination. Like the name says, it is solar powered, and it can produce more energy than is required to do its job. The excess is used for powering auxiliary emergency systems.

The unit can produce 950 to 1500 gallons of water daily, and it can be used in disaster areas, such as hurricane affected sites. The solar cells attached to the Cube can produce up to 1240W. It also has a wind generator, that goes with the energy production up for another 1000W.

Like all the inventions of our days, the Cube has been already tested by the army and the civilian services of Chile. Likewise, it has been imported in remote areas of South America and Asia. Early prototype models were used in Pakistan after the major 1995 earthquake.

The users say it performs well – it has a recovery rate of about 30% and it produces quality water, with less than 170mg/L of seawater in it.

What do you say? Will you wait for the carbon nanotubes to come, or will you spend $38,000 on The Cube, to get you out of possible emergency situations?

[via cleantechnica]

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