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Solar Panel Windows Available in 4 Years


solarwindows-tech-640x0Solar power will soon be more convenient that ever. SolarWindow Technologies has developed solar panels that can generate 50 times more energy than the current panels being used today.

Greater electricity generation will help residential and commercial enthusiasts get a return on investment much more quickly. Unlike many technological advances, which promise exciting innovations decades down the road, the new solar panel windows will be on the market in just 4 years.

The windows are glass panes coated in a photovoltaic material containing nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, in addition to some extra ingredients that are trade secrets. The PV coating is applied while it is still a liquid at an ambient pressure and allowed to dry at a low temperature; this is how the window remains transparent.

The conductors used are also transparent. They extract the energy that is absorbed by the coating, which should only be applied to the inside so it is not exposed to the weather.

A 25-year warranty, similar to other PV providers, will protect consumers who buy the solar panel windows.

While other panels require extra space and do not provide a return on investment for 5-11 years, the solar panel windows do not even need to be on the south-facing side of the house. They can draw energy even while shaded or from artificial light, which is a huge advancement.

Consumers who are interested should check out SolarWindow Technologies‘ Power Reinvented webcast to see the window in action and performance evaluations.

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