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Solar-Powered Backup System for Afflicted Areas Developed by Japanese Companies


We’ve been hearing all the time that one company or another has developed a system “aimed for disaster-stricken areas,” to provide electricity for the people’s basic needs. Now is the time for such a technology, after the massacre of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

Two Japanese companies, Sharp Corp and Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co Ltd have jointly produced a “Solar Electric Generation System for Afflicted Areas.” 250 sets of the device will power things up in emergency evacuation sites starting March 25.

Using Sharp’s famous photovoltaic modules and Shin-Kobe’s batteries and AC outlet, the system will be used to charge up mobile phones and moderate consumers until the power will be restored in the respective areas.

It’s a good idea providing electricity to people from alternative resources, especially when disaster strikes. They’ll always remember what helped them. Now, if someone came up with the idea of delivering those people a nuclear battery, just think for yourself what the survivors will do to that guy.

That’s, of course, only a joke, but you see the picture… no more uranium battery ideas, people. We want things cleaner and safer. At least on Earth.

[via sharp-world]

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