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A New Solar-Powered A/C System for Vehicles Developed by PolyU Researchers


Researchers from the Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Honk Kong in collaboration with industry partners, have recently developed a new solar energy-powered A/C system for vehicles and already completed a series of on-road tests.

The innovative system has been developed at the PolyU’s Department of Electrical Engineering by Professor Eric Cheng in partnership with Green Power Industrial Ltd. In addition to support, Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong provided the researchers with one of their beverage-carrying truck for the solar system to be installed on and proved to be working on the road.

The system consists of: solar panel made up of photovoltaic modules; solar control system; air-condition control unit; electrical VFD (variable frequency-driven) compressor; blowing cool air and temperature feedback system.

As the truck moves down the road, the photovoltaic modules on top collect solar energy for storage in a specially-made battery system supported by an optimized control system.

The power collected can sustain a standalone electric air conditioner which can be switched on when the car engine is not running. Due to the stored energy, the sophisticated system is able to also operate during cloudy and rainy days. PolyU and its partners will do a more in-depth exploration of the solar energy system on the streets of Hong Kong.

[via GreenCarCongress]

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