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Solar Powered Ovens Made From Pizza Boxes Ehxibited on NYC Streets


While the green technology might still be a new thing for many, something our mind needs to get adjusted with, some other people already understood that this is their future. Or at least tha’s what students from 2 high schools in New York proved last week at the Union Square Greenmarket, when they showed up with a couple of green solar powered ovens.

More specifically, a group of students from Edward R. Murrow High School made a little show of cooking in cardboard pizza boxes. Not just any boxes, but ones that actually acted like ovens: the pizza box was cut open on all 3 sides, with a 1” cut.

In order to be able to do the cooking, the sides were coated in aluminum. So this material, plus the black paper on all sides and the plastic over the food, assured the necessary heat for the cooking. And it worked! The thermometer and the few pennies placed inside the boxes, which got really hot, showed a temperature of over 200°F.

On the other side were the students from James Madison High School, who unveiled their green New York City. Their miniature included everything a city should have in order to be called green: solar panels on buildings, wind turbines, public transportation and idealistically large pedestrian spaces. The model was very faithful to the original, since one could remark rooftop houses, just like in NYC.

As a particularity, all these “inventions” were made out of household materials, which are recyclable and biodegradable. Since less is more, they successfully demonstrated their point using simple, but effective ideas!

[via Inhabitat]

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